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Convention halls

Photo This “congress citadel” is made of three rooms:
1) Palazzo dei congressi, with more than 900 seats;
2) Padiglione Multisala, a room with 1600 seats which can be divided into three separate smaller rooms: 700 seats in the central room and 300 seats in each of the side rooms;
3) Sala Figari, with 300 seats, simultaneous translation and direction booths.

Catering services, cafés, receptions and press rooms are also available.

As far as catering is concerned, the congress centre can host cocktails and buffets for 3500 people; lunches for 2000 people; coffee-breaks for 2000 people and an internal catering service. It also has internal restaurant and cafés.

Secreteriat will take care of both pre and post-congress organisation, while a travel agent will organise shuttle services.

Photo For all the rooms:
radio and infrared, amplification and audio/video recording systems, video projectors;
screens, projection systems (from pc), super overhead projector;
exhibition room, hall and secretarial office;
direction booth (which can work on three rooms simultaneously)
refreshment service, café and reception
press room.

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